Friday Folders: March 20

A Letter from the PTA Board:
Dear Roosevelt Families,
Please make sure you are reading all Roosevelt and School District communications pertaining to COVID-19. We are looking forward to the return of business as normal at Roosevelt, but we urge you to do your part to keep everyone safe. Beyond the immediate cancellations of events during the shutdown, we are asking for your patience and understanding regarding any and all remaining PTA events for this school year.

Since we are not sure what the rest of the school year is going to look like, PTA events may have to be postponed, changed in scope, or cancelled. It is our hope that this is not the case, but we will have to do what is best for our students and their families. We will be limiting our communications for the next few weeks as we all are fielding an overwhelming amount of information and email from the district, school and teachers.

Thank you and stay safe,
Your PTA

Pop-Up Food Pantry
The Roosevelt Pop-Up Food Pantry is FULL! PLEASE utilize it! Even if you believe there are others more in need than your family. It is there for all of us. If you are having a hard day, are low on food and a box of mac and cheese will bring normalcy to your child and take some pressure off of you, grab it! Also, please spread the word to other Roosevelt families who may not receive these emails, are not on Facebook, or are just so overwhelmed right now.

ANYONE PLACING OR TAKING FOOD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR AND REQUIRED TO PRACTICE THE CURRENT HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE! We will do our best to monitor the cabinet to make sure there is food available.  If any person finds the cabinet empty, please notify us via email or Facebook, and we will make every effort to restock the cabinet.
If you would like to donate funds toward stocking the food pantry, please donate through this link.  We are so grateful for the Roosevelt community.  Thank you to those who have already donated.

Still haven’t joined PTA? 
Please become a member of the PTA and support us as we strive to make Roosevelt a great place for students and teachers. You can sign up via this Squareup link.