Friday Folder: April 17

A Message from the PTA Board:
Hello Roosevelt,

On behalf of your PTA Board, we just wanted to say, “However you are handling your safer-at home time, you are doing a magnificent job!” Everyday, you are taking on new challenges and succeeding, even on the not-so-good days. If you are currently rocking the quarantine-ombre, (grey to whatever color) hairstyle, it looks amazing. Please, wear it with pride and show it off with confidence. If you are bald like me (I affectionately call it the aggressive middle part club), revel in the fact that this might be the only time in history people are envious of your ability to cut your own hair.

All personal grooming habits or lack thereof aside, we hope your families are all doing well. Thank you for doing your part for your family, school, and community. A humongous thank you to all of our medical and essential workers, who are going above and beyond while sacrificing the most. Stay safe, be kind, check in on one another, congratulate yourself, and look forward to being together again.


Pop Up Food Pantry
Thank you to all who have donated to the Pop Up Food Pantry!

PLEASE utilize it! Even if you believe there are others more in need than your family. It is there for all of us.  Please spread the word to other Roosevelt families who may not be aware it exists.

ANYONE PLACING OR TAKING FOOD IS REQUIRED TO PRACTICE THE CURRENT HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE!  We will do our best to monitor the cabinet to make sure there is food available.  If any person finds the cabinet empty, please notify us at  PLEASE do not place any perishable or fresh foods in the food pantry.

Non-perishable food items in high demand include: applesauce, ready-to-eat meals & snacks (soup, canned ravioli/pasta, granola bars, chips, etc.), high-protein items (canned chicken, tuna, and peanut butter), and toiletries (toilet paper, deodorant, oral hygiene products, soap, shampoo, and conditioner).

If you would like to donate funds toward stocking the food pantry, please donate through this link.  We are so grateful for the Roosevelt community.  Thank you to those who have already donated.

Spring Fling – Supporting Our Donors
Here are some of our loyal local donors for Spring Fling, with a focus on those businesses that are temporarily closed or have had to modify their business model due to current circumstances. Purchasing gift cards would be a great way to show our appreciation to teachers/staff for all of their hard work and flexibility in providing virtual learning for our kids.


PTA Sign Up and Dues
Please become a member of the PTA and support us as we strive to make Roosevelt a great place for students and teachers. You can sign up via this Squareup link: