Friday Folder: September 18

Become a PTA Member!

For obvious reasons, PTA events will look different this year, and in some cases, need to be cancelled. Even with those reasons front and center, we still want to encourage families to become a member of the PTA and participate in possible PTA events for a few reasons. First, participation in PTA events such as Fun Run pay for many of the students’ activities such as class field trips and High Interest Day. In past years, those events can easily cost over $10,000.00. Second, even if we are not able to have a particular event, we want to make sure that next year’s PTA Board has the funding it will need for their planning of future students’ activities. Third, there is always the concern that if a loved event is cancelled for too many years, it might not come back. Fourth, we are realistic on what this year will look like, the challenges and hardships faced by each family, and expectations of having safe and responsible events, but we would love to have the funding available for student opportunities as they become a possibility. In all of our years at Roosevelt, one thing definitely holds true. Our Roosevelt community is an amazing and special place. It is a community that comes together, works together, and supports each other. To become a member, please visit our new PTA store:

We are looking forward to another great year at Roosevelt,
Your Roosevelt PTA Board
Mike Moylan – President
Heidi Bach – Co Vice President
Jenny Hack – Co Vice President
Sarah Plamann – Treasurer
Claire Cramton – Secretary

P.S. This is the last year for all of the current Board members. Please consider becoming a member of the Board. It is an extremely rewarding experience. If you are interested or have any questions, we are just an email away at

PTA Meeting: 9/22
Our first Roosevelt PTA meeting of the year will be held via Zoom.
Time: Sep 22, 2020 07:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 737 6941 5072
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Room Parents/Room Donations
Hello Roosevelt families!
I hope you all had a great summer and that the start of the school year has been a smooth transition. I am the room parent coordinator for Roosevelt. Typically, each class has one or two room parents to assist the teacher in planning class parties, field trips, and class volunteers. The room parents are also responsible for collecting class funds that are used throughout the year to show appreciation to our teachers. Unfortunately, due to Covid and the strict procedures that are in effect in our schools, this role will look very different this year. If you are interested in being a room parent for your child’s teacher or finding out more information, please email me at When doing so, please specify your name, grade of child and teacher.

To alleviate the stress of collecting money from parents for class funds, we have decided to collect a general fund this year that will be distributed evenly among each class. This has been approved by Mr. Supa and will help make this process much easier. While this is not the norm, we feel that parents have enough to juggle right now. Generally, the suggested donation for teacher funds for the school year is $10-$30. Please donate what you are comfortable with.

Funds can be sent to me at:

I would like to have these funds collected by Friday, October 2nd. Once the funds have been collected and room parents set, the divided funds will be transferred to the room parents. Room parents will then communicate with their classes regarding class gifts, teacher’s birthday and Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thank you!  Jen Whitton

Young Rembrandts
Thanks for another great year in partnering to provide art enrichment for your families. After careful consideration and so much uncertainty in the near term, we decided to proceed ahead with all online classes for the first fall session. The benefit of this option is that all family members (including mom and dad) can draw together, at their own convenience, while receiving 40% off the cost of a normal 6-week session for one child.

The flyers for the Fall I session can be viewed here.

PTA Sign Up and Dues
Please become a member of the PTA and support us as we strive to make Roosevelt a great place for students and teachers. You can sign up via our new PTA store: