Friday Folder: December 11

Roosevelt Fun Run Final Lap
Were you last out of the blocks and missed the donate deadline? Well you’re not the only one and here’s another chance to give! Help your PTA to provide field trips, supplies, and experiences such as High Interest Day to students and teachers. If we reach our goal of $5000, each student will get a commemorative t-shirt!  Donations can be made through this link.

Miss Molly’s Holiday Cookie Boxes
In lieu of the Giving Tree this year, we are providing Miss Molly’s Cookie Boxes for staff this holiday season. To sponsor a Holiday Cookie Box please follow this link!

Roosevelt Food Pantry: Give what you can and take what you need
Thank you to everyone who has helped keep our pantry stocked! Let’s continue to be a community that takes care of each other.
CANNED GOODS being removed/donated December 8: As we head into the winter months, it is not safe to keep our canned items in the pantry as swelling poses a food safety risk. So we will be removing canned items on Tuesday, December 8. If you anticipate needing a few extra items, please be sure to get them over the weekend. Take what you need!
ADOPT-THE-PANTRY: To ensure we can keep the pantry safe and stocked, we are asking for volunteers to sign up to adopt the pantry for one week (or more). During your week, we ask that you pick a day to:

  • Check the inventory
  • Discard any perishable, damaged or expired items
  • Contact Sara Luke ( with any items that seem low (starches, breakfast, protein, meals, etc) and we will use donated funds/food to keep it stocked
  • (If it’s in your budget that week) Replenish the pantry.

We will post a list of suggested/safe items inside the door of the pantry for those checking and donating. Thanks in advance for signing up!
DONATE TODAY: And of course we’ll always welcome your contribution so we can shop and keep the pantry stocked. Donate HERE Roosevelt Food Pantry | MemberHub

Thank you for improving our little piece of the world!

Free Thermometer for Wauwatosa School District Families
As part of its FLUency School Health Program, Kinsa is providing a free QuickCare smart thermometer to each elementary school family in the Wauwatosa School District. To claim yours, just follow these steps:

  1. Text FLUENCY to 900900.
  2. Open the link and download the Kinsa app.
  3. Type Wauwatosa in the search bar and find your school.
  4. Check your email to confirm your free thermometer has been ordered.

That’s it!

You can also choose to share the data from your thermometer with our school nurse to help the District track illnesses, identify trends and prevent increased spread in our school buildings. Please note: you are not required to share any health data to get your free thermometer! For more information, visit

Young Rembrandts Art Classes – Winter II session: 1/11-2/15
Young Rembrandts is currently offering a 50% discount for the upcoming session.  Please view this flyer for additional information.

Next PTA Meeting: 1/12 at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom

PTA Sign Up and Dues
Please become a member of the PTA and support us as we strive to make Roosevelt a great place for students and teachers. You can sign up via our new PTA store: