Meeting Minuets: January 8th 2022

Call to Order 7:33

Ashley and Jennifer absent

Principal’s Report

  • Star testing as started and PALs testing will start soon.
  • The school is surveying students on feeling of belonging. For example, to see if they have one trusted adult in the building. The school will then look at that data and discuss next steps.

Treasurer’s Report

Ashley Absent

Old Business

  • Holiday Gift Fair budget vote postponed. 
  • Liz McCabe – it was great for the Daisy Group to help with the pantry. There is a lot of pasta and the pantry is in need of other items. Looking for more slots filled. Boy and Girl scouts troops could use this as a service project.

Sweet Treat (Sunny)

Planned for February 11th, possibly pushed back to the 25th? Weather permitting would be outside with a playground celebration. Another idea is grab and go bags, but not ideal.

Math Night (Sunny)

Mathnasium team is a valued part of the community. Small budget of $300-$500 for supplies to hype it up and prizes. The idea is to come have fun with Math. Sunny hopes we will get a PTA grant to pay for Math Night. Planned for February 10th.

Winter Walk to School Day (Jamie)

Planned for January 18th. Going to try to get the walking school bus organized.

School Dance (Liz)

Not going to have a dance due to covid. Outdoors is not an option due to time of year. Sunny is willing to put together an outdoor event if possible. 

School Dance Discussion:

Eric Jessup-Anger: Does the dance make sense to do in May? Big Picture- need for community building events. People would be willing to wait to do these events til covid numbers drop. Plans things outside and after February. 

Mark Supa: Maybe have grade levels rotate outdoors on the playground. Could move to til later if needed. 

Sunny: Glowlympics outdoor event on a Friday night. Possibly use center street park and the ice skating rink. 

Art Walk

Mrs. Callahan said there is less art this year due to attendance. Mark Supa will talk with Mrs. Callahan about a timeline for more art. It could be possible to create a one way path for the art walk like was done for the Meet the Teacher event. 

Adjourn Meeting