Friday Folder: March 18th

School Board Candidate Forum
Did you know that there are 3 contested school board seats this election year? If you would like to learn more about the candidates and how they could affect the future of our schools, take a look at the forum that was held last week.

Wake Up Call Presentation
The rise in the use of vaping devices and other substances among youth is a growing concern. Are you familiar with carts? Dabs? If you have young people in your life, you should be.

The Wake Up Call presentation, a program of Your Choice, provides practical information on current drug trends, a walk-through of a teens bedroom with more than 50 red flags that could indicate substance use, as well as proactive parenting strategies to keep your child substance free.

The presenters, with lived experience, combine their personal stories, experience working with students and families, and sharing things they wish they would’ve known into an engaging, real and unique presentation. This presentation is a MUST SEE for parents, grandparents, teachers, community members and other adults who are influential in the lives of youth.

This event is sponsored by the Ian Standal Memorial.

*Don’t forget to register for this FREE Tosa West sponsored event  Wake Up Call Presentation – Wauwatosa School District Tickets, Wed, Apr 6, 2022 at 6:30 PM | Eventbrite

Family Recess Supervision
Volunteer to help supervise at recess during the month of March!