April 2022 Minutes

Roosevelt Elementary PTA

April 12, 2022

Call to order

 Principal’s Report

-Thank you to all family playground volunteers it has been great to see everyone out there.

– The feeling of belonging was January’s school improvement goal. Roosevelt gave students a survey to see their feeling of belonging and trust in staff.

Questions and Results:

There is a teacher or adult I can go to with concern 80%.

I can talk to adult about personal problem 80%.

I can ask for help with classwork 95%.

They survey will be repeated next week.

-Depth of Knowledge getting kids to think deeper. Staff are working on infusing DOK questions into each lesson.

-Older grades are in the Middle of forward testing. This year they are not doing MAP testing as the same time as Forward testing. It will be interesting to see if results change at all with less testing to focus on.

 President’s Report

– April Playground supervision sign up is available.

-First Day school Supply Store is Live.

-Playground take over is another community event being planned by Liz McCabe. Many district schools have new playgrounds, and we want to explore them. Roosevelt families would gather and play on the different playgrounds. Poster boards would be available to write things that we like about the playground and leave positive messages for the students. #Playgroundtakeover. Another way to get to know different families.

– May 30th 9-11 is the CummUNITY day of services. Roosevelt and Washington PTA is working with Friends of Center Street Park and Parks and Rec. We will be donating and tree and will need to see if we can plant that day. We will be cleaning, picking up trash, mulching and pulling weeds. Plastic bag collection, a company will give us a bench for the park if we collect 500lbs of plastic bags. Bring bags this day and they will be weighed. We will also be collecting athletic shoes to donate them. Hoping older children can sort through shoes.

-Still looking for a secretary to start July 2022. Two year term.

 Treasurer’s Report

-Last month there were claims of fraud on PTA debit card, they were reported to the bank. We have been reimbursed.

-March 2nd deposit of 1,000 dollars. Is listed on the bank statement as vendor pay.

-Money Minder statement today was reconciled.

-Still uncleared checks from previous years. Checked that have not been deposited. These will be figured out going forward.

-Ashley will be getting a new bank card for the PTA.

-We got a check from box tops for $36 dollars.

 New Business

Roosevelt Scholarship- Rich Geller is the chair. He narrowed down the list to five hard working students. Vote passes to honor Nora Tait with the Roosevelt Scholarship

Pancake Breakfast -Friday April 29th– will be looking for volunteers. There will be three separate slots to sign up. You can preorder and sign up for a time slot. Will be looking for adult and child volunteers. Looking for a new chair for next year.

High Interest Day-There will be three different sessions that the children get to choose from. Two grade levels can go to events at a time.

Fun Run- May 6th – focus is on getting together as a community and have all the kids working together. Next year will be focused on fundraising

Teacher Appreciation Week- Jen and Heidi are thinking about getting chair messages for the staff. Roosevelt stickers that say Roosevelt Staff Rocks to give to each student!

Meeting Adjourned